Home Is In The North was fab-ul-ous

I really enjoyed showing my sumptuous quilts at Home Is In The North last Saturday at St Peter’s a deconsecrated church where the Halle orchestra practise, which is in Ancoats, central Manchester. The venue, the atmosphere, the visitors and of course the lovely exhibitors all made my day.

A more eloquent appraisal of the day can be found by the wordsmith Matt at his blog for his brand; Northern Letters; http://www.northernletters.co.uk/home-manchester-interior-design/

Here are some pics from the day;


These were all taken by talented Garry from Lomas & Lomas; https://www.facebook.com/garrylomasphotography

My friend Tricia sneaked into a couple of these photos. Can you spot her in blue? Tricia retired last Friday (congrats!) and her creative daughter Stephanie is one half of; https://www.facebook.com/OhBotherDesign

If you couldn’t make it to the inaugral #HIITN, thankfully the amazing Rachael http://www.eventsbythesocialbutterfly.com/ has already set a date for a festive Home Is In The North on Saturday 15th November. That’s a date for the diary then…

Sneak peak of NEW cotton quilt for Home Is In The North this Saturday

Here’s a sneak peak of my new cotton quilts, ready to launch at the launch of Home Is In the North this Saturday;

I wanted to extend my range of quilts and provide an lighter cotton quilt, ideal to keep any nightime chills at bay, while have the perfect combination of summer patterns; seaside stripes or English rose to brighten up your bed, sofa, deckchair, loveseat, swing or veranda!

Join us then for the launch of Home Is In The North this weekend

Re-defining traditional arts and crafts showcased by a unique collective of independent Northern designer-makers.

Saturday 26th April, 11am – 4pm. Halle St. Peters, Ancoats, Manchester. £3 Entry.

Click here for tickets.


A fortnight ago I was on my way to Selvedge Spring Fair…

Goodness me how time flies and all that.

March was kinda crazy, but in a good way, with my son Joe at JDRF’s Type 1 Parliament (I got to accompany him whoo hoo!), I ran my first half Marathon in Wilmslow (and raised nearly £700 for JDRF whoo hoo too!), and moved house (v.happy, but best not to whoo hoo again though).

At the beginning of April, I headed down to Chelsea Old Town Hall on the Kings Road in London for the Selvedge Spring Fair;


Where to start? I met lots of fab people, got loads of contacts, handed out all of my business cards, received some sound advice and most importantly SOLD a couple of quilts (big whoo hoo! apologies but I just had to add that one in)

Here are the contact details of all the lovely exhibitors who with me were showing and selling their distinctive wares in the folksy room; http://folksy.com/




My folksy shop is; https://beta.folksy.com/shops/stitchpics

And here are the other exhibitors sharing the folksy room;




and a special mention must go to; https://beta.folksy.com/shops/amylawrencedesigns for re-tweeting and favoriting all my tweets throughout Selvedge Spring Fair.

I’ve just checked the date and seen it is the 16th today, so half way through April already. I think this month is being kinda crazy too, but still in a good way 🙂

Don’t forget at the end of the month, I am at Home Is In the North; http://www.eventsbythesocialbutterfly.com/events/home-north/

See you there then. x

A sumptuous quilt looking good enough to eat…

A tasty quilt with candy colours, looking good enough to eat. Well perhaps not actually to eat, but I just cannot stop enthusing about my new Harris Tweed and velvet quilts, especially as Jo Bradbury took some more delicious photos for me;

And Jo took my yellow velvet quilt to a wedding show she recently exhibited at; https://www.facebook.com/JoBradburyWeddingPhotographer

I have had such positive responses to my yellow velvet quilt, which we made as a trial quilt this time last year, that it will be no 5  in my current quilt range, being stitched by myself and Frank Fult right now, in time for; http://www.eventsbythesocialbutterfly.com/events/home-north/ at the end of this month.

And if that isn’t enough, following Selvedge Spring Fair a couple of weekends ago and friendly visitor feedback, I am revising my quilts costs, so check out my folksy shop now; https://beta.folksy.com/shops/stitchpics

Catch up with you soon. Lx

Frank Fult stitches my quilts

Frank Fult from Audenshaw is a genius machinist. It’s fortuitous that I found Frank whilst starting up my quilt business and researching suitable factories in Manchester to stitch my quilts, as I appreciate Frank’s all round textile expertise and eye for detail. I don’t take commission, but if you wish Frank’s contact details, get in touch. Lou Gardiner has already talked to Frank following my tip off! http://www.lougardiner.co.uk/ Frank has been in the MCR textile trade for more than a few years and is highly skilled at pattern cutting and constructing all textiles from sporty garments to children’s booties to my gorgeous 100% British Made Harris Tweed and velvet quilts.

Frank machine stitches my quilts and I hand finish them. You can buy one of my fabulous quilts at; http://www.quiltsbylisawatson.co.uk/ x

Did I mention I have a new quilt?

I recently added a new Harris Tweed and velvet quilt to my collection. I went for vibrant colours of Harris Tweed to complement Annabel Perrin’s Hemlock printed cotton. http://annabelperrin.com/about/

The red and white herringbone tweed, just so reminds me of boiled mint sweets (not murderous barber poles!) which combined with the sky blue velvet conjures bright summery days.

Is it too much to hope for that spring has finally sprung?

Well if all else fails weather wise, you can always lift your spirits by cosying up in one of my colourful new quilts; https://beta.folksy.com/shops/stitchpics x